Tuition & Fees

* Additional fees for field trips, after-school extracurricular programs, & tuitoring may apply

Tuition Assistance

Because we believe that enrollment should not be limited to those who can pay full tuition, Zarephath Academy strives to offer tuition assistance to students in grades K-12 whose families can provide documentation of need. The tuition assistance program helps to achieve social and economic diversity within our school community. Consideration for financial assistance will be given to families of current students before it is awarded to new families. Zarephath Academy may not be able to meet 100% of established need for each applicant, and often, the number of qualified applicants exceeds the tuition assistance resources of the school. Therefore, there is no guarantee that every qualified applicant will receive tuition assistance.

Tuition Assistance is offered as a reduction of full tuition, which is determined through an analysis of family financial need. Academic merit or athletic scholarships are not offered. We accept the McKay Scholarship, the Step Up For Students (SUFS) scholarship, as well as the AAA Scholarship. We encourage families to investigate these scholarships to find out if they qualify.