Our Mission

To provide a nurturing environment, through meaningful mentoring and hands-on resourcing where students will be able to achieve their fullest potential physically, socially, and academically.

Our Philosophy

Our first priority is to train, equip and empower our students with the skills they need to be successful in society. We encourage our students to treat their school, staff, and peers with respect, honor, and integrity. Each course is taught with a moral foundation and perspective. We help students develop into productive citizens and learn to apply values of character and integrity to every aspect of their lives.

Our Statement of Faith

We believe and teach that there is One God, in essence and in person, infinite in power and intelligence; present everywhere at the same time; Holy in nature, attributes and purpose.

(John 1:14)


We believe that this one true God manifest and reveal himself in a divine threefold relationship as Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

(Matthew 28:19)


We believe that this one true God took upon Himself flesh in redemption and became the Son of God according to the flesh (Romans 1:3).


We believe that the Holy Ghost is the manifestation of the Spirit of God and of the resurrected Christ dwelling in the hearts of men.

(1 Corinthians 12:7)


We believe God as Father is Creator; as Son the Redeemer and as the Holy Ghost, the regenerator of those who believe.

We believe that there is a second coming of Jesus Christ for the believers of the Holy Scriptures, and that there will be a permanent separation of those that believe and those that believe not as stated in the Holy Scriptures 

We believe that this is the whole duty of men everywhere to fear God.

(Ecclesiastes 12:13)